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Q&A at Porecamp TAMU, June 2017: From the Ebola Outbreak to Sequencing on Mars

"Even bioinformaticians can run MinION" inspiration from @BioMickWatson #porecampusa — Lisa Johnson (@monsterbashseq) June 5, 2017 As part of my PhD project at UC Davis with Dr. C. Titus Brown and Dr. Andrew Whitehead, I am assessing the feasibility of … Continue reading

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Adventures with ONT MinION at MBL’s Microbial Diversity Course

My time here at the Microbial Diversity Course at MBL has come to an end after visiting for the past 2 weeks with our lab’s MinION to sequence genomes from bacterial isolates that students collected from the Trunk River in Woods Hole, MA. (Photo … Continue reading

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Genetically-engineered chestnut tree, MCB263 scicomm assignment 2

My tweet post for this week’s MCB263 sci comm assignment is on the genetically-engineered chestnut tree. This is the first transgenic plant to ever be considered for use in species and ecological restoration. It is currently under review by the US … Continue reading

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MCB263 Science Communication via Social Media assignment

This winter quarter at UC Davis I’m taking a course called ‘Biotechnology Fundamentals and Applications’ by Dr. Denneal Jamison-McClung, which is required for my degree with a designated emphasis in biotechnology (DEB). (This is like a doctoral minor. It will … Continue reading

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