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Computing Workflows for Biologists – Dr. Tracy Teal

I’m so excited to be visiting the Microbial Diversity Course at the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole, Massachusetts right now. Really enjoying talking to students and faculty working on projects related to microbial communities, aspects of microbial metabolism, microbial genomics, transcriptomics. … Continue reading

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UC Davis Docker workshop, live-coding

For the second day of the UC Davis Docker workshop, Dr. Titus Brown initiates a “teach-me” session on how to make a Docker container. He will live-code and we will tell him what to write. The idea is to package software … Continue reading

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Bioboxes Demo at UC Davis

Michael Barton, JGI sequencing QA/QC group DNA sequencing Evaluating scientific software Bioboxes, Suggests reading Malcom McLean (The Box), who implemented idea for standardized cargo containers. All you have to do is load standard container from factory, fit onto truck, cargo ships, … Continue reading

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Docker hands-on workshop at UC Davis

Dr. C. Titus Brown, Docker hands-on workshop at UC Davis Lots of workshops available at UCD, open to everyone and free! (sign up, as max capacity is 40) Entry and intermediate levels available. Data Science Initiative is a hub for data science … Continue reading

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iPlant – Advanced workshop

“API for scalable science” – Matt Vaughn, John Fonner slides: Install Docker (I’m running OSX. See other instructions for Linux and Windows, although there were challenges with Windows users in the workshop). Docker is solution to binaries and configurations, etc. specific … Continue reading

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