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Physiology and Bioinformatics

Physiologists strive to understand how and why things work in living tissues. I’ve been trying to think about physiology in the context of my research interests in genomics and bioinformatics in nonmodel species. We don’t discuss this at all in … Continue reading

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Extracting biological features from ‘big data’ with ADAGE – Dr. Casey Greene

Dr. Casey Greene, University of Pennsylvania – talk at UC Davis, October 12, 2015 Twitter, to be used! @GreeneScientist Started with example that Carrots are routine fun part of every day! Just like bioinformatics and genomics. Aim to scale up data universe from lab … Continue reading

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Time Travel in Experimental Evolution – Dr. Richard Lenski Dr. Richard Lenski, Michigan State University (blog) Fascinating long-term research experiment, has been culturing E. coli over several decades Historical context of evolution experiments: Darwin thought evolution too slow to observe, “no wonder evolutionary biologists are interested in time travel”…fossils, … Continue reading

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Beginnings of Metagenomics and the emerging tree of life – Dr. Norman Pace

***Update, Twitter storify I had the privilege today of attending a talk by Dr. Norman Pace from UC-Boulder, who was the first to investigate the structure/function of rRNA molecules in the context of deep phylogeny. This opened the view of culture-independent microbial studies. Some notes: … Continue reading

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