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High Performance Computing

“When I care how fast I get an answer” Cluster user setup at work this week. HPC has a lot of jargon and acronyms. Intro: According to XSEDE (reference?), 31% of HPC users are in Molecular Biosciences Concerned with number … Continue reading

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Unable to mount mobile device on Ubuntu 13.04

When I plug my Samsung Galaxy 4 mobile android device into my laptop running Ubuntu 13.04, I immediately get this error message: I click ‘OK’. It appears on my Devices list in both my file manager and in Rhythmbox. I … Continue reading

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Grace Hopper Google Doodle

Today’s featured Google Doodle is Grace Hopper! My dad, John E. Johnson, was a computer specialist for Sperry Univac for >30 yrs, worked with Dr. Grace Hopper when she was setting up UNIVAC I in 1951.¬†They were both honored, among … Continue reading

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