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Marine Microbes! What to do with all the data?

UPDATE: Check out Titus’ blog post, Bashing on monstrous sequencing collections. Since Sept 2015, I’ve been a PhD student in C. Titus Brown’s lab at UC Davis working with data from Moore’s Marine Microbial Eukaryotic Transcriptome Sequencing Project (MMETSP). I would … Continue reading

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Genetically-engineered chestnut tree, MCB263 scicomm assignment 2

My tweet post for this week’s MCB263 sci comm assignment is on the genetically-engineered chestnut tree. This is the first transgenic plant to ever be considered for use in species and ecological restoration. It is currently under review by the US … Continue reading

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MCB263 Science Communication via Social Media assignment

This winter quarter at UC Davis I’m taking a course called ‘Biotechnology Fundamentals and Applications’ by Dr. Denneal Jamison-McClung, which is required for my degree with a designated emphasis in biotechnology (DEB). (This is like a doctoral minor. It will … Continue reading

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Physiology and Bioinformatics

Physiologists strive to understand how and why things work in living tissues. I’ve been trying to think about physiology in the context of my research interests in genomics and bioinformatics in nonmodel species. We don’t discuss this at all in … Continue reading

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Molecular Animations on YouTube

I’m poking around this week, researching grad schools specifically in Bioinformatics. There are not many schools who offer a PhD degree specifically in this field. Computational, systems biology, genetics, molecular biology – many schools have programs and offer specializations in … Continue reading

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