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Adventures with ONT MinION at MBL’s Microbial Diversity Course

My time here at the Microbial Diversity Course at MBL has come to an end after visiting for the past 2 weeks with our lab’s MinION to sequence genomes from bacterial isolates that students collected from the Trunk River in Woods Hole, MA. (Photo … Continue reading

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Past Year as a Junior Bioinformatician in Perspective

Starting a new chapter in life this week attending grad school (again) towards a PhD. Before moving on, wanted to put into perspective and share a few notes on what I’ve learned over the past year working as a junior bioinformatician … Continue reading

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Workshop on Genomics (Notes, Day 2) – Sequencing Technologies

Dr. Konrad Paszkiewicz, University of Exeter Lecture slides: From Sanger -> human genome -> 2nd gen -> 3rd gen -> Nanopore (not yet released) Recommended videos on Sanger sequencing: Illumina – Least expensive and most commonly used Advantages: – … Continue reading

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