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MMETSP re-assemblies

*** Update (9/27/2016): 719 assemblies now available at the links below. All FINISHED!!! *** Update (9/22/2016): 715 assemblies now available at the links below. I have *almost* finished re-assembling de novo transcriptomes from the Marine Microbial Eukaryotic Transcriptome Sequencing Project (Keeling … Continue reading

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Computing Workflows for Biologists – Dr. Tracy Teal

I’m so excited to be visiting the Microbial Diversity Course at the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole, Massachusetts right now. Really enjoying talking to students and faculty working on projects related to microbial communities, aspects of microbial metabolism, microbial genomics, transcriptomics. … Continue reading

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Past Year as a Junior Bioinformatician in Perspective

Starting a new chapter in life this week attending grad school (again) towards a PhD. Before moving on, wanted to put into perspective and share a few notes on what I’ve learned over the past year working as a junior bioinformatician … Continue reading

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Free R programming course (online)

Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health (JHUSPH) offers a free course in R programming that starts today. I took this online course in 2013 and found it very useful. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn R for … Continue reading

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gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA)

What is a gene set enrichment analysis? What is a reasonable enrichment score? With the genes in common between the two groups from yesterday’s venn diagram, I want to see what functions they correspond to. There are many ways to assign functions … Continue reading

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