Programming Assignment 3

Plotting outcome of hospital care data,

> outcome <- read.csv("outcome-of-care-measures.csv", colClasses = "character")
> outcome[, 11] <- as.numeric(outcome[, 11])
Warning message:
NAs introduced by coercion 
> hist(outcome[, 11],xlab="30-Day Death Rate",main="Heart Attack 30-day Death Rate")


Part 2

Note: Could not get this to work.

> a<-as.numeric(outcome$Hospital.30.Day.Death..Mortality..Rates.from.Heart.Attack)
> b<-as.numeric(outcome$Hospital.30.Day.Death..Mortality..Rates.from.Heart.Failure)
> c<-as.numeric(outcome$Hospital.30.Day.Death..Mortality..Rates.from.Pneumonia)
> death_rate_range <- range(c(outcome[,17],outcome[,11],outcome[,23]), na.rm = TRUE)

On the forums, this is what someone suggested:

> heart_attack=na.omit(outcome[,11])
> heart_failure=na.omit(outcome[,17])
> pneumonia=na.omit(outcome[,23])

Part 3


> outcome<-read.csv("outcome-of-care-measures.csv",colClasses="character")
> outcome[,11]<-as.numeric(outcome[,11])
> x<-table(outcome$State)
> sub_x<-subset(x,x>=20)
> sub_x_names<-names(sub_x)
> outcome2<-subset(outcome,outcome$State %in% sub_x_names)

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PhD candidate at UC Davis in Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology
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