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New Blog!

This blog has moved! New posts will now be here: Thank you for your continued interest. For more information on how to blog with Pelican, the static site generator powered by Python, see this new blog post.   Advertisements

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Error loading bedtools/2.22.0

By default, gcc/4.4 is loaded in my cluster environment. This happened when running bedtools: gcc/4.7.0(5):ERROR:150: Module ‘gcc/4.7.0’ conflicts with the currently loaded module(s) ‘gcc/4.4’ gcc/4.7.0(5):ERROR:102: Tcl command execution failed: conflict gcc/4.4 bedtools/2.22.0(6):ERROR:151: Module ‘bedtools/2.22.0’ depends on one of the module(s) … Continue reading

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Genomics Workshop (Week 2, Day 4) – QIIME and Metgenomics Analyses

Daniel McDonald from Dr. Rob Knight’s lab, U. Colorado Some links: QIIME analysis tool, using iPython notebook: Data files: from this study: additional info: argument for using iPython notebook: iPython notebook:

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To run graphing graphics in Python: flcellogrl@flcellogrl:~$ pip install matplotlib Installing Python modules with virtualenv or pip: Logical and neat directory structure will make your own, your computer’s and your collaborators’ lives much easier. My recommendation: Create a master … Continue reading

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Python is cool.

Some Python links:

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