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Python is cool.

Some Python links:

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What I’m Reading This Week

A blog that I read (Molecular Ecologist) has a Friday post almost every week about what they’re reading. I enjoy hearing about what other people are reading. It gives me ideas. These are some of the things I’ve been reading … Continue reading

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Raw Microarray Data Distribution Analyses – MA plotting Click to access EMA_vignette.pdf Click to access arrayBasics.pdf Click to access 576.full.pdf Click to access MicroArrayAnalysis.pdf,d.eWU Click to access Lecture16.pdf Click to access gibson.MetEnz.pdf Click to access 06.pdf Click to access Analysis-of-Microrrays-with-R-and-Bioconductor.pdf Click to access shannon_clustering.pdf,d.eWUContinue reading

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Combinations of items, order matters: import itertools

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How To Get Help

Dr. Roger Peng’s intuitive set of instructions for how to properly ask questions on a programming forum is quite entertaining and informative: His video presentation was inspired by this:

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