Intro git – Lab meeting

By the end of this meeting, you will be able to:

  • Create a new repository
  • Edit (markdown lesson from Reid Brennan)
  • clone to local desktop
  • make changes
  • commit and push changes
  1. Create a new repository

Click on the “New” button to create a new repository:


Name the repository whatever you would like. Examples: test, data, lab protocols, awesome killifish RNA extractions, significant genes lists, abalone data files, etc. The idea is this will be your repository/directory with version-controlled files that you will pull/push back and forth between your computer and github. Click on the “Initialize this repository with README”:


You have created a new repository!


2. Edit the markdown file (Reid)

3. clone directory to local desktop

To copy the url, click on the clipboard-like icon next to the web address for this repository (see below). Sidenote: this is the same web address you can use to share this repository with colleagues. You can also just copy the url from the web address in your browser.


Open your terminal, navigate to a directory where you would like to put the new repository. Type this command to “clone” the repository:

git clone


You should see the “Cloning into ___” like in the screenshot above. Use the ‘ls’ command to list the contents of the current working directory to make sure it’s there. It is!


4. Make changes to the git directory

Now, we can make changes to this directory and they will be tracked. First, change directories into the one you just created:

cd super_awesome_killifish_data

Let’s copy a file into this directory. (This is a small text file I had in one directory up from the current one, so I use ../ to indicate where it will be found then . to indicate that I want to copy it to the current directory.)

cp ../cluster_sizes.txt .

5. Commit and push changes

Now that you have made a change to this directory, you want to make sure they are saved to github. The following commands are standard for staging and push changes to github repository:

git status
git add --all
git commit -m "added cluster_sizes.txt for A_xenica"
git push

(Type in your github user name and password. The letters you type in might not show up on the screen, but they are getting typed in, don’t worry!)


Now, you can go to the web github and see the changes made:



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PhD candidate at UC Davis in Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology
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