Finding coding sequences in DNA

From the UCSD “Bioinformatics Algorithms” class, programming assignments week 2.

Given a DNA sequence and an amino acid peptide sequence:


I want to find all occurrences (including reverse compliment) of the coding sequence in the DNA for that amino acid peptide sequence. Example output:


Because the genetic code is degenerate, there may be multiple possible coding sequences for the amino acid peptide in a strand (sequence) of DNA.

Python coding steps:

1. From a Python dictionary “aminos” with aa as keys and RNA codons as values, make a new dictionary with aa position (depending on length of aa sequence given) as keys and a list of possible RNA codons as values:

def aminoacid_codons(aapeptide):
    for aa in aapeptide:
    return codon_dict


Output from the above function:

{1: ['AUG'], 2: ['GCU', 'GCC', 'GCA', 'GCG']}

2. Construct different sequences with 2 codons each from all possibilities. The reverse compliment should also be considered.

How do I randomly select an item from a list in Python? See Python, pseudorandom module.

import random

How many dictionary keys are there?

def aa_DNA(codon_dict):
   while position<=codon_positions:

3. Randomly select an item from “listofcodons” so that when it is selected it should be removed from the list and can’t be selected again:

This is where I'm stuck.

4. Return a list of all RNA combinations.
5. Convert to DNA


6. Deal with reverse compliment.

7. Input DNA sequence, reverse compliment

8. Compare input with possibilities


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