Molecular Animations on YouTube

I’m poking around this week, researching grad schools specifically in Bioinformatics. There are not many schools who offer a PhD degree specifically in this field. Computational, systems biology, genetics, molecular biology – many schools have programs and offer specializations in the area of bioinformatics. Schools with Core Genomics Facilities have faculty who specialize in bioinformatics because there is a need. I’m interested in exploring any options that might be available. This reminds me of the discussion of differences between fields of bioinformatics and computational biology.

In my searching, I came across this YouTube video from Nature Videos about the ENCODE project at EMBL-EBI. I enjoy how it depicts scientists studying genome sequences and intraspecies variation, looking at variable pieces of genes being sent through tubes.

Other videos from Nature are good too. I like seeing animations of these molecular-scale processes that I would otherwise just have to visualize in my head.


About Lisa Johnson

PhD candidate at UC Davis.
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