Longest Common Substring Problem

To find a shared motif between a collection of nucleic acid sequences, skills for solving the longest common substring problem are needed.

Suffix Trees, Dynamic Programming:



function LCSubstr(S[1..m], T[1..n])
    L := array(1..m, 1..n)
    z := 0
    ret := {}
    for i := 1..m
        for j := 1..n
            if S[i] == T[j]
                if i == 1 or j == 1
                    L[i,j] := 1
                    L[i,j] := L[i-1,j-1] + 1
                if L[i,j] > z
                    z := L[i,j]
                    ret := {S[i-z+1..i]}
                elif L[i,j] == z
                    ret := ret ∪ {S[i-z+1..i]}
            else L[i,j]=0;
    return ret

About Lisa Johnson

PhD candidate at UC Davis in Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology
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